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It’s okay, Josh. We understand. We understand…

"In the Fan Fiction Writer Feelings corner, there is a deep sense of shame and disgust. Fan fiction writers know (or at least, they should know, else they should not be writing fan fiction) that every piece of fic you write is done out of respect and nostalgia for the original show. You realize these are not your characters, and that it would be wrong to make a profit off them. And if you don’t know this? Congratulations on being the biggest dickhead, ever. While the rest of us were out there, trying to make fanfic appear harmless to creators, you were proving to those same, litigious creators that everything they thought about us was right all along; we’re not in it for love, we’re in it for the money. Their money."

Jenny Trout, in 50 Shades of What the Fuck Did I Read, and Is Everyone Huffing Gas?

YES. This is a major part of why I have such a huge problem with fanfic writers filing the serial numbers off of their fics and then trying to get and/or actually getting them published. (The other major part is that I firmly believe that if you can file off the serial numbers and your fic still works severed from the source material, you are doing fanfic wrong because by definition fanfic requires the source material that inspires it - even AU fanfic.)

This is why when I see fanfic authors whose work I enjoy freely admit that they’re going to file the serial numbers off of a fic of theirs and try to publish it, I get incredibly disappointed in them. It genuinely sours me on them as a fic writer and as a member of fandom, because it pains me to know that they either don’t understand or don’t care that actions like that can be genuinely harmful to the fandom community.

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How does fame feel? Unexceptional. I’m inspired by people who monumental things.

MCU + the slam


I don’t want to go down with my ship. I want my ship to go down on each other.


Do you think that when Steve Rogers sneezes, one of the Avengers goes up to him and whispers, “God Bless America”
Then Steve fucking looks at them like this



preach Jada!