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Tom Hiddleston and the inevitable blue shirt


shout out to the people who never unfollow me for some reason even when i never post anything relevant to their interests


Tom Hiddleston on the red carpet - Oliver Awards 2014 …

More menswear right here


A scene between these two superheroes would literally be the best thing ever.


#understatement of the century


Hello lovelies! I know I just did one of these a few months ago, but I really wanted to do something for hitting 1.5k followers (seriously, how did that happen?). I have nothing to give away, but I want to show my appreciation. Regardless, thank y’all so incredibly much for sticking with me. I love all of you.

So I’m going to show my love for some amazing people that I happen to follow, and a few that have become good friends. Even though everyone on here, following or followers or whatever, has helped this become what it is currently, and I hope I’ll be able to make it continuously better.

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Ahhh! Thank you so much!!!:D


Tom Hiddleston signed and took photos with fans waiting on the set of ‘Crimson Peak’ on April 23, 2014 [HQ]